Debtor-creditor law situations most commonly arise when one party, who is obligated to pay another, fails to make that payment or payments to the other party.  Disputes that involve debtor - creditor law can be very complex, time consuming, costly and frustrating.  It is important that you have an experienced attorney to handle debtor-creditor matters in the most efficient way possible.  There are multiple ways to approach these disputes and a complete understanding of your situation can help us determine the optimal strategy moving forward.  

Our Debtor/Creditor services include:

  • Securing enforceable judgments and lien attachments
  • Executing judgments and liens
  • Negotiating settlement and payment terms and conditions
  • Reviewing and restructuring contracts

The attorneys at Rinaldo and Rinaldo over 50 years experience handling debtor- creditor matters from both sides of the aisle. Call us today to see how we can help resolve your debtor-creditor matter.