We advocate proactive estate planning simply because it’s the sensible thing to do.  This approach to estate planning reduces the chance of future conflicts, minimizes the cost expensive litigation, and alleviates many uncertainties.

Our process starts with an initial consultation and a comprehensive estate planning questionnaire, both of which are designed to provide us with the necessary information to begin the estate planning process.  After disseminating and analyzing your responses, we will discuss all available estate planning options and help you decide the appropriate course of action to accomplish your family goals and wishes. Next, we will prepare the necessary legal documents and thoroughly explain their purpose and powers.

Some estate planning documents include:

Last Will and Testament

Health Care Directive(s)

Power of Attorney(s)


Property Agreements


Charitable giving is an important part of many of our clients estate plans - they want to give back to their communities, churches, institutions, and foundations. And we can help.  Our estate planning process, knowledge of tax law, and coordination with other professional advisors allows us to minimize the burden of inheritance and estate taxes, the length of probate, and the chance of litigation among beneficiaries. Estate litigation is costly and can quickly dissipate the value of an estate. We have the experience and expertise necessary to help you efficiently position your resources so that you and your beneficiaries may realize their maximum benefit.