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Class Actions

New Jersey Class Action Attorneys

Representing our clients with a tactical approach towards class action lawsuits.

Class action lawsuits or mass torts are civil actions involving a large number of people with similar injuries and/or losses caused by the same defendant. Class actions and mass torts arise out of circumstances in which many individuals have been injured by the same party, which is the defendant in the case. Class Action defendants can be individuals, a group of people, a corporation, or any other type of entity. When a large number of people are injured by the same defendant, class action lawsuits or mass torts are the most effective way to bring forward the case to maximize recovery, while being cost-efficient.  


At Rinaldo and Rinaldo, we have an experienced team of attorneys dedicated to representing class action cases. Our firm has the experience required to collect the resources necessary to fully investigate class action cases in terms of evidence, interviews, and relevant statistics. At Rinaldo and Rinaldo, our tactical approach towards class action cases is key. Our approach allows us to negotiate aggressively in order to win large settlements, while our diligent team of attorneys is also fully prepared to go to court should settlement negotiations breakdown. With more than 90 years of legal experience, Rinaldo and Rinaldo has unparalleled litigation knowledge and skills that we use to maximize recovery for our clients. 

There are many types of class action cases. The list below are a few examples of class action lawsuits or mass torts:

  • Brokerage Class Actions- such as illegal or improper sales practices, investment manipulations, and marketing that led to inappropriate losses to investors

  • Consumer Class Actions- such as credit card fraud, charging illegally exorbitant interest or membership fees, and other misconduct designed to defraud consumers

  • Employment Class Actions- such as work-place discrimination or other employment law violations

  • False Advertising Class Actions- such as deceptive marketing claims, deceptive advertising practices resulting in defrauding customers

  • Insurance Class Actions- such as diminished insurance reimbursements, deceptive behavior of insurance adjusters and/or executives

  • Product Liability Class Actions- such as a defective consumer product, device or pharmaceutical

If you believe you have a valid class action lawsuit claim or suspect you may be a part of a larger group of people how have been injured by the same party, contact Rinaldo and Rinaldo for a free case review.

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