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New Jersey Construction Accident Lawyers

Representing those injured in construction accidents  throughout the state.

Construction sites are a common place for injuries to occur and the injuries can be temporary, life-long, or even lead to death. Construction workers are expected to lift heavy objects, operate heavy machinery, and perform job duties under risky circumstances, such as elevated heights or inside incomplete structures. Although such job functions are expected of construction site workers, it is the responsibility of the site general contractor or supervisor to enforce and maintain a certain level of safety on the job site. When someone is injured due to negligence of a construction site's safety, those responsible for the site are liable for the victim's injuries or a family's loss if the victim has died from their injuries.

The safety of construction site workers is protected by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration regulations, OSHA regulations. As stated in the OSHA regulations, employers of construction site workers must adhere to a set of minimum work place safety standards. If violated, an injured worker may be entitled to recover for the full value of his or her injuries.

Construction sites are not only a risk to the workers, but they also pose a risk to passers-by of the construction site. If required safety practices or proper protocol were ignored at a construction site and resulted in a passer-by suffering injuries or death, the responsible party for the construction site is liable.

A few examples of construction site accidents include:

  • Chemical burns

  • Collapsing floors

  • Crane collapse

  • Crushed on job-site

  • Electrocutions

  • Falls from elevated areas

  • Falls into ground holes

  • Forklift accidents

  • Heavy machinery accidents

  • Ladder accidents

  • Nail gun injuries

  • Saw accidents

  • Scaffolding failures

  • Slip and falls


If you or a loved one has been injured or died due to a construction accident, do not hesitate to contact our team of experienced personal injury lawyers at Rinaldo and Rinaldo. Our firm has aggressively and successfully litigated cases in a wide variety of construction accidents.   With more than 90 years of legal experience at Rinaldo and Rinaldo, our firm has unparalleled litigation knowledge and skills to build your case to recover maximum compensation while you focus on recovering from your injuries. 

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Construction Accidents

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