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New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Representing those injured in motorcycle accidents throughout the state.

Motorcycle accidents are some of the most devastating accidents that can happen on the road. More common than not, motorcycle accidents result in severe or catastrophic injuries and or even death. Motorcyclists or bikers are required to follow the same rules of the road as car or truck motorists, but commonly car or truck motorists do not provide the same respect to bikers on the road. 


When another motorist on the road is negligent in their driving, which leads to the injury or death of a motorcyclist or biker, the negligent motorist can be held liable.

Motorcyclists are more exposed on the road that automobile motorists and when involved in an accident, motorcyclists are the most severely injured party. An estimated 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in catastrophic injuries or death. 


Common types of accident injuries sustained by motorcyclists are:


Severe or catastrophic injuries, such as the examples listed above, require extensive medical treatment, both immediately and longterm, which can be financially devastating for the victim and their families. Generally, the only way to cover the medical costs for a motorcycle accident victim is by filing a claim with an insurance company. 


However, due to the higher likelihood of serious injuries when involved in an accident, motorcyclists can be treated differently by insurance companies. It is the unfortunate truth that insurance companies will attempt to pay out as little as possible for your motorcycle accident injuries. 


If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident in New Jersey, your rights as the injured party are immediately in jeopardy. It is crucial that you speak with an experienced personal injury attorney prior to speaking with any insurance company. 


At Rinaldo and Rinaldo, we offer extensive legal advice regarding motorcycle accidents and your options as the injured party. Our firm has more than 90 years of experience working with insurance companies on behalf of our injured clients.   

If you have questions concerning what to do after a motorcycle accident or what options are available to you, contact Rinaldo and Rinaldo today for a free consultation.

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