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Personal Injury

New Jersey

Personal Injury Lawyers

Representing those injured throughout the state.

We as humans are always on the move, commuting, shopping, visiting friends and family. No one is expecting to be seriously injured during the course of our daily activities. But when it does happen, we can be severely inconvenienced by way of medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, and the loss of our quality of life.

If you or someone close to you has been injured at work, on the road, or elsewhere, it is imperative that you immediately contact our firm so we can advise you and help preserve the right to make a claim.  

Our attorneys have extensive experience in personal injury litigation and have recovered multiple multi-million dollar in verdicts and settlements for our clients over the past nine decades.  There is no cost to speak with one of our attorneys.  We will conduct an initial review and investigation as to the merits of your claim both from a legal and financial perspective.  Then, we will advise you accordingly at no cost obligation.

If we offer to represent you in a personal injury matter, we will agree to finance the cost of litigation.  Simply put, we don’t take a fee unless you collect money.

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