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Estate & Probate Administration

New Jersey Estate & Probate Lawyers

Representing individuals and families throughout the state.

Many of us are concerned about life after life.  We want to make sure that our family members or certain charities and foundation benefit from our hard work and success.  We want to minimize the burden on our children and maximize their benefit.  Some of us may want to care for another who can no longer care for themselves.  Other simply want to protect and preserve their wealth.

Whether you need a few documents drafted or comprehensive estate administration, we can help.  Our team of attorneys has over fifty years of experience handling estate administration and probate matters for our clients and their families.


Probate is usually the first step in the estate administration process after a person passes away. In New Jersey, probate is required if the decedent owns assets in his or her name alone.  The County Surrogate Court will give someone the authority to gather assets, pay debts and taxes, and distribute assets to the people who are entitled to inherit them.  In most instances, it is the surviving spouse or named executor in the will who would be responsible for these duties.  If there is no will  or the named executor in the will declines to serve, the court may appoint an administrator who will. If all goes smoothly, the process can take less than a year.

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