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New Jersey Negligent Security Lawyers

Representing those injured due to negligent security.

No one is ever expecting to be seriously injured during the course of our daily activities, especially when we believe to be in a safe environment, such as our school, our local shopping mall, and our rented homes. Unfortunately, property owners do not always put your safety and security first. When a property owner is aware of a dangerous condition on their property and fails to take reasonable steps to eliminate the danger, the property owner is providing negligent security. 

Negligent security is a special type of premises liability claim where a person is injured on another party's property and the injuries could have been prevented by the property owner implementing better security measures. Often times dangerous conditions exist on a property that are not obvious to individuals, such as a parking garage that multiple robberies have taken place but there has been no upgrade in the garage's security measures. In negligent security cases, attackers and/or criminals will take advantage of the lack of fences, lighting, locks, security cameras, or security guards at a location to more easily assault or rob the unaware victim. 

If you or a loved one has been attacked or injured at school, work, a hotel, a commercial property, or in a home or apartment you are renting, and you believe that your injury could have been prevented by the property owner implementing better security measures, contact our firm today.

At Rinaldo and Rinaldo, we have over 90 years experience helping our clients recover the maximum compensation for their liability claims. 

If you have questions concerning your negligent security claim or you would like to understand what options are available to you, do not hesitate to contact our experienced team at Rinaldo and Rinaldo. Our firm has unparalleled litigation knowledge and skills to build your case while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

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Negligent Security

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